The Daxio Node Network

The Daxio node empowers the Daxio platforms. Users around the world users can choose to contribute to the platform purchasing a node license. The Daxio Network is supported by users, just like you, who hold Daxio Node Licenses. By buying a license to participate in the Daxio Node, you open up opportunities to receive rewards for your contribution to the network. This can include SDAX, limited edition NFTs, and opportunities to help the Daxio ecosystem grow.

By participating in the Daxio Node, users can help to enhance the platform's performance, reliability, and security. This is because the node system allows the platform to distribute its workload across many different nodes, reducing the burden on any single node and increasing overall efficiency. Additionally, because nodes are distributed across many different geographic locations, the platform becomes more resistant to failures or attacks on any single node.

The daxio node is connected to a unique Daxio Node License which can be purchased from the Daxio Shop. Node activation is instant upon purchase of a Node License.

20% of the Daxio Revenue is set aside and shared between holders of Node Licenses.

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