This token represents your Playdax balance and will be utilized in the upcoming Playdax Trading Game, a highly requested feature among our users. The maximum supply of this token will match the total amount of Playdax held in Playdax wallets. Similar to the Daxio Legacy Token, it is fully minted with a burning functionality. The PDAX Token is a standard ERC20 Token, featuring open code and verified source. Users will have the opportunity to claim their tokens via the platform.


Token Specifications

Details Specification
Name: PlayDAX
Abbreviation/Symbol: PDAX
Token Smart Contract: 0x5df2724fdc41745a438bab09a26b13c101089888
Token Type: ERC20
Initial Supply: 76,658,937
Circulating Supply: See Etherscan Token Tracker
Maximum Supply: 76,658,937
Decimals: 18
Burnable: Yes
Mintable: NO (Fully Minted)