Daxio Digital Rewards

Daxio has designed its digital rewards as an exciting way to incentivize and reward active participants in the Daxio community. Unlike traditional rewards, which may be physical or tangible in nature, Daxio's digital rewards offer unique benefits and opportunities that can only be experienced in the digital realm.

The digital rewards in Daxio are not available for purchase from Daxio. They are digital rewards earned in exchange for work and actions on the Daxio network and the Daxio platform. The digital reward is designed to have utility on the Daxio platform for the purchase of Daxio’s products and services. The digital reward is not an investment product and may never have any value outside of the Daxio platform. SDAX & GDAX owners should not expect to recognize any value from the digital reward other than its utility with Daxio.

The digital reward is paid in SDAX, and its either transferred instantly to the receivers wallet address via a smart contract or its claimable by request via MetaMask on the Daxio platform.

Mint Price Allocation

Performance Reward
Relief Fund
Star Reward
DAO Treasury

Performance Reward

The performance reward consists of 10% from the mint price of NFTs which are connected to the digital reward allocation. The digital reward system runs autonomously via smart-contracts without any human intervention. The performance reward is instantly paid to the referring wallet of the mint once the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain.

NFTs included in the performance reward allocation are Basic NFTs, P2E NFTs, Game NFTs & Node Licenses

Star Community Reward

The star community reward is Daxio's special way to reward the community for their efforts in maintaining a culture of support and collaboration. The star community reward is fair and consists of 40% from nft minting system-wide on the platform which are connected to the digital reward allocation. The digital reward is instantly transferred and locked in a smart-contract every time a NFT mint takes place during the day. When the transfer takes place the same smart contract distributes stars to 5 connected community wallets in direct line from the minting wallet address. The amount of stars distributed to each wallet equals the price multiplier of the NFT that was minted.

At the end of the day, the smart contract runs autonomously without any human intervention and summarizes the total amount of Stars distributed system-wide. Then it summarizes the total reward from NFT minting system-wide and divides the total reward with the total amount of stars. When the distribution starts it summarizes the amount of stars held by each wallet and lock the reward to each specific wallet. The star community reward is claimable by the wallet holder on request via MetaMask. The claiming wallet pay the gas fee for the transfer. See chart below for a table explanation using a Sapphire NFT purchase as example.

Other transactions that contributes to the Star Community Pool is the early un-staking fee from SDAX staking.

Wallets Connected Minting price Performance reward Stars distributed Star reward
Wallet 5 2,400 Stars 192,000 SDAX
Wallet 4 2,400 Stars 192,000 SDAX
Wallet 3 2,400 Stars 192,000 SDAX
Wallet 2 2,400 Stars 192,000 SDAX
Referring Wallet 240,000 SDAX 2,400 Stars 192,000 SDAX
Minting Wallet 2,400,000 SDAX 960,000 SDAX to contract

Daily Distribution Reward

Daxio has designed several different NFTs which are minted on the Daxio Platform and are traded on the open markets like OpenSea and Rarible. Holders of these NFTs get to participate in the Daily SDAX distribution. Every day a total of 10,000,000 SDAX tokens are minted and distributed between NFT Holders. Each NFT class is unique in terms of distribution points. These points are used for the daily distribution reward calculation. The distribution is calculated and held in a smart contract on behalf of wallets holding a P2E NFT. The calculation and distribution is made by the daily distribution smart-contract that runs autonomously without any human intervention. The daily SDAX distribution is claimable by holders at their own convenience, and the claimer pays all gas fees. There will be a maximum of 20,000 NFT’s minted for this purpose totaling maximum of 44,885 Distribution Points. For more details see the Gamepaper in the DAO Section

Play-To-Earn Reward

The Daxio Arcade is a Mobile/Computer/Tablet gaming platform with hundreds of traditional arcade games people KNOW and LOVE to play. Players engaging in Daxio Arcade can earn Digital Reward in form of SDAX, by simply playing a Free Game. A daily maximum of 10,000,000 SDAX will be distributed between active players in Daxio Arcade. The amount released are governed by pods and stars awarded through gameplay, quests and other activities.

SDAX Staking Reward


GDAX Distribution Reward

The GoldDAX Token (GDAX) represents governance in the DAO. Holders of GDAX get to vote and make decisions in the DAO. GDAX Holders are rewarded through the blockchain for holding GDAX irrespective of its actual value. The Blockchain distributes rewards direct to token holder’s wallets one time, 10th of every month, if the proposal reach quorum by the DAO. With a maximum circulating supply of 1,000,000 GDAX the token has already reached milestones and found a stable market-price.

The sole purpose of GDAX, the DAO governance token, is for proposals and decision-making to proposals. Holders of GDAX can be rewarded for their mutual efforts guiding the platform to grow solid and strong worldwide and they can sell their tokens at the time of their choosing.