The LegacyDAX Token

This token serves as a representation of your value and can be utilized on the platform on a one-to-one basis. It unlocks a host of exciting features, including:
• Swapping the LegacyDAX Token for cryptocurrencies at your preferred pace.
• Enabling purchases within the platform.
• Facilitating the minting of NFTs.
• Swapping for payouts from the Relief Fund.
• Burning the token when desired.

The maximum supply of the LDAX token corresponds with the total amount held in users legacy wallets. It is fully minted and burnable. Every time this token is employed for any purpose on the platform, it will be permanently removed from circulation by burning it!


Token Specifications

Details Specification
Name: Legacy DAX
Abbreviation/Symbol: LDAX
Token Smart Contract: 0xc28a3bfec9a51c805c6ca4bbba866d29a19ab9a9
Token Type: ERC20
Initial Supply: 180,252,517
Circulating Supply: See Etherscan Token Tracker
Maximum Supply: 180,252,517
Decimals: 18
Burnable: Yes
Mintable: NO (Fully Minted)