Silver Dax

The SilverDAX Token (SDAX) is the sole utility token on the entire Daxio Ecosystem. SDAX are minted daily and distributed to players for engaging with the ecosystem.

Gamers everywhere can use them on the platform or trade them in the open markets, some choose to hold(HODL). These tokens can be used to acquire the necessary fuel or ammunition for each respective game in the Daxio Game Platform, or simply used for any purchases or withdrawals. There are also tournaments where the SDAX can be used within the game which is collected into a prize pool and at tournament end, distributed to the most skillful players. On top of this, any player can setup a P2P Tournament with any of the games on the platform.


Token Specifications

Details Specification
Name: Silver DAX
Abbreviation/Symbol: SDAX
Token Smart Contract: 0xc7555f6410e983c867748879b2f6d2b0b0e100fd
Token Type: ERC20
Initial Supply: 640,162,000
Circulating Supply: See Etherscan Token Tracker
Maximum Supply: 88,000,000,000
Decimals: 5
Burnable: Yes
Mintable: YES (Not over Maximum Supply)