The online gaming industry has been quickly growing and blockchain is playing a bigger and bigger role in the industry. Play-To-Earn crypto games are amongst the most exciting developments in the field of blockchain-based gaming but play-to-earn development is still rudimentary. Many play-to-earn games have poor user experiences and there is no single place for gamers to choose from a selection of cutting-edge play-to-earn games.

The Daxio GamePaper will provide a background in the gaming industry and the emergence of both blockchain and play-to-earn games as major movements in online gaming. We will review the current limitations of play-to-earn gaming and will present how Daxio is addressing these.

Market Research

The online gaming world is growing at lightning speed. Worldwide lockdowns due to covid-19 accelerated the adoption of online gaming and resulted in a significant uptick in revenue for the industry.

It is estimated that the global gaming market will amount to 268.8 billion U.S. dollars annually in 2025, up from 178 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. North America is set to remain the topgrossing gaming market worldwide despite strong growth in the Asian region. In-game purchases are estimated to account for more than 74 billion U.S. dollars worldwide in 2025.

The revenue numbers are expected to grow further to 218.7 billion by 2024 while the total number of online gamers worldwide is expected to reach 1.3 billion in the next four years.(Source:

Year Global Market Value
2020 $155.89 billion
2021 $178.37 billion
2022 $197.11 billion
2023 $217.06 billion
2024 $240.31 billion
2025 $268.81 billion

Blockchain is playing a bigger and bigger role in the gaming industry and its importance is being recognized by investors. Blockchain-focused gaming companies received almost $500 million in funding in the first half of 2021 alone, a figure that represents roughly 5% of the total investment flowing into the gaming industry. In previous years, this proportion would have been minuscule.

Almost all Blockchain Gaming Companies have their own tokens and tokenomics connected to their games. Below are examples of games with some of the largest gaming populations.(Source:

Gaming Company Token Name Market Cap 30.03.2023
Gala Games GALA $286,964,452
The Sandbox SAND $286,964,452
Illuvium ILV $286,964,452
Decentraland MANA $1,084,224,680
Axie Infinity AXS $959,220,405

Several properties of blockchain technology have made it an increasingly adopted application for the gaming industry:

Decentralized ownership of in-game assets

The market for in-game assets is in the multi-billions. However, the ownership rights associated with assets that are issued by a centralized gaming company are severely limited. In-game assets issued on blockchain technology give users a greater degree of control over their assets.

Permissionless transfers

Gamers can easily transfer and interact with their assets in unprecedented ways. They can sell or auction away their assets at various websites like or even seek to develop smart contracts that interact with their assets in specified ways.

NFT Rewards

Games that have integrated non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) are observing a huge spike in popularity, these games allow players to compete to acquire unique tokens which can have significant real-world value in some cases.

Play-To-Earn (P2E)

The activity of competing for assets in blockchain based games has led to the emergence of the wider field of play-to-earn. A growing number of players worldwide are participating in play-to-earn games and using the activity to generate a real-world income. The movement has gained such traction that some governments have been considering taxation schemes for play-to-earn developers and players.

The rise of NFTs

NFTs made headlines in 2021 due to increasing number of sales and in particular due to the sales of Beeple's "Everyday: The First 5000 Days", which became the world's most expensive NFT sold for 69 million U.S. dollars. Since then, NFT sales volume skyrocketed, reaching a total of over 10 billion U.S. dollars as of November 12, 2021.

Transactions in NFTs increased significantly during the summer of 2021, as several tokens gained popularity. Most of these transactions were related to play-to-earn video games like Axie Infinity, which became the world's most valuable NFT collection in August 2021 - although its sales volume did decline since. The gaming segment reported the highest sales volume of the non-fungible token (NFT) market in 2020, with over six times the sales in sports projects. In that year, this segment accounted for roughly 23 percent of the total sales revenue in the NFT market.

However, the play-to-earn industry has several shortcomings. The current play-to-earn options only appeals to limited audiences. Many of the games are highly complicated and requires the player to have huge understanding of the emerging blockchain technology. Players have no place where they can choose from a wide variety of cutting-edge games. Moreover, many of the games that are launched are still in beta mode or have no gameplay at all. Due to this only a handful of games have become extremely popular and received widespread adoption.

Time spent playing games

A January 2021 survey found that gamers in China spent the most time playing games per week, averaging about 12.39 weekly hours of gaming time. Vietnamese gamers were ranked second with about 10.16 hours of gaming time per week. The global average was 8.45 weekly hours of gaming. (Source:

Country Average weekly spent on playing games
China 12.39 hours weekly
Vietnam 10.16 hours weekly
India 8.61 hours weekly
Indonesia 8.54 hours weekly
Global 8.45 hours weekly
United States 7.71 hours weekly
United Kingdom 7.17 hours weekly
Germany 7.13 hours weekly
South Korea 5.88 hours weekly

Daxio DAO

Daxio is a 5-year-old gaming platform and gaming community. As a decentralized platform, the DAO is addressing the limitations in the play-to-earn gaming industry by building an ecosystem by players for players. This is one of the first platforms that combines traditional arcade games with blockchain technology in a simple play-to-earn model which makes it possible for ANY recreational player to participate in earning rewards for playing games on the mobile or the computer. The platform is also developing games where NFT’s are playing a huge part of the gaming experience.

The platform will also give developers the opportunity to deploy their games to a broad and constantly growing global user base. The ecosystem allows players and developers alike the possibility of tapping into lucrative earning opportunities. Anyone with a MetaMask Web3 wallet will be able to access the gaming platform.

The Ecosystem has two native tokens built on the Ethereum Blockchain. One Governance Token (GDAX) and one Utility Token (SDAX).

SDAX (Silver Dax)

The SilverDAX Token (SDAX) is the sole utility token on the entire Daxio Ecosystem. SDAX are minted daily and distributed to players for engaging with the ecosystem.

Gamers everywhere can use them on the platform or trade them in the open markets, some choose to hold(HODL). These tokens can be used to acquire the necessary fuel or ammunition for each respective game in the Daxio Game Platform, or simply used for any purchases or withdrawals. There are also tournaments where the SDAX can be used within the game which is collected into a prize pool and at tournament end, distributed to the most skillful players. On top of this, any player can setup a P2P Tournament with any of the games on the platform.

The Ecosystem has two native tokens built on the Ethereum Blockchain. One Governance Token (GDAX) and one Utility Token (SDAX).

Details Specification
Name: Silver DAX
Abbreviation/Symbol: SDAX
Token Smart Contract: 0xc7555f6410e983c867748879b2f6d2b0b0e100fd
Token Type: ERC20
Initial Supply: 640,162,000
Circulating Supply: See Etherscan Token Tracker
Maximum Supply: 88,000,000,000
Decimals: 5
Burnable: Yes
Mintable: YES (Not over Maximum Supply)

SDAX Token Tracker

SDAX Blockchain Distribution

SDAX are rewarded through the blockchain for participating in the Play-To-Earn platform irrespective of its actual value. Holders of P2E NFTs are rewarded through a Daily Distribution Pool. The distribution points are calculated daily at midnight UTC and the Blockchain distributes all rewards direct to gamers wallets once every day. As the platform grows, so does the potential of the rewards.

Live SDAX Chart

SDAX Liquidity Pool

The liquidity pools for the SDAX token are deployed at UNISWAP. 00?chain=mainnet&maxPrice=881783.480000

Token Burn Functionality

Part of the SDAX tokens used within the game platform are burned, giving deflationary dynamics to the SDAX token supply. Every time someone purchases a Daxio Play-To-Earn NFT, the platform instantly burn 25% of the SDAX tokens received for that specific purchase. The platform also burns 100% burn of the swapping fee on P2E Pods rewarded in the Arcade Platform.

Type Burn Percentage Burn Schedule
NFT Sales 25% Burned Instantly
SWAP PODS/SDAX 5% Burned Weekly

GDAX (Gold Dax)

The GoldDAX Token (GDAX) represents governance in the DAO. Holders of GDAX get to vote and make decisions in the DAO. GDAX Holders are rewarded through the blockchain for holding GDAX irrespective of its actual value. The Blockchain distributes rewards direct to token holder’s wallets one time, 10th of every month. With a maximum circulating supply of 1,000,000 GDAX the token has already reached milestones and found a stable market-price.

The sole purpose of GDAX, the DAO governance token, is for proposals and decision-making to proposals. Holders of GDAX can be rewarded for their mutual efforts guiding the platform to grow solid and strong worldwide and they can sell their tokens at the time of their choosing

Details Specifications
Name: Gold DAX
Abbreviation/Symbol: GDAX
Token Smart Contract: 0x431B366BE6069aE62f8121a901C6160B34Af7F80
Token Type: ERC20
Initial Supply: 1,000,000
Circulating Supply: 1,000,000
Maximum Supply: 1,000,000
Decimals: 8
Burnable: No
Mintable: No
Voting Rights: Yes
Profit Distribution: Yes

GDAX Token Tracker

GDAX Live Chart

GDAX Liquidity Pool

The liquidity pools for the GDAX token are deployed at UNISWAP.

Daxio P2E NFTs

Daxio has designed several different NFTs which are traded on the open markets like and Holders of these NFTs get to participate in the Daily SDAX distribution. Each NFT is unique in terms of Points, Rarity & Powers. These measures are used to determine game performance and enhancements as well as a daily distribution reward calculation. There will be a maximum of 20,000 NFT’s minted for this purpose totaling 44,885 Distribution Points . Every day a total of 10,000,000 SDAX tokens are minted and distributed between NFT Holders.

NFT Name Max Supply DP Total DP All
The Graduate 8,028 1 8,028
The Joker 5,000 2 10,000
The Knight 600 3 1,800
The Sherlock 700 4 2,800
The Wizard 800 5 4,000
The Phoenix 500 6 3,000
The Nomad 400 7 2,800
The Queen 300 8 2,400
The Cyborg 200 9 1,800
The King 100 10 1,000
The First 1 30 30
The Second 1 20 20
The Third 1 10 10
The Box 282 2 564
The VIP Box 427 5 2,135
Daxio Key 822 1 822
Arcade Prime 1,838 2 1,838
TOTAL 20,000 44,885

For complete visuals of the P2E NFTs please visit the P2E section in the NFT Shop

Important warning about secondary market trading

If you are trading NFTs on open markets like OpenSea and Rarible please always check the NFT Contract Address of that specific NFT to avoid buying useless counterfeit NFTs. Lately there has been an increase in counterfeit NFTs in circulation on open markets. Only NFTs minted from the Daxio NFT Contract Address will be used for Distribution Calculations.

Daxio NFT Contract Address: 0xb9aeE3a30119fEC4794e24b937EDC9C6b6bfff6a

Daxio Arcade Play-To-Earn platform

Daxio Arcade is a Mobile/Computer/Tablet gaming platform with hundreds of traditional arcade games people KNOW and LOVE to play. Players engaging in Daxio Arcade can earn Digital Reward if form of SDAX by simply playing a Free Game. A daily maximum of 10,000,000 SDAX will be distributed between active players in Daxio Arcade. The amount released are governed by pods and stars awarded through gameplay, quests and other activities.

The games are Hyper-Casual which basically means that anyone can start playing them with limited knowledge and skill and instead evolve and learn as the game progresses for the purpose of being entertained and rewarded on how skillful they are playing the game.


Pods are awarded for completing tasks in the various games and on the game platform itself
Pods are used to play certain games and can be used to setup P2P tournaments and competitions. Pods can also be swapped for SDAX.


Coins on the Arcade platform represents value in SDAX.
All transactions on the arcade platform are done off-chain to save gas-fees and increase transaction speed. Coins can be rewarded through tournaments and withdrawn to wallet.


Stars on the Arcade platform represents your overall player rank. You are awarded stars when you play games and complete quests on the platform. The higher level of stars You have the more fame and glory you have on the platform.


Daxio is positioning itself to be the leader and fastest growing gaming community in the Play-To-Earn market. The current market has significant shortcomings despite its rapidly growing popularity and adoption. Daxio is addressing these shortcomings by creating a comprehensive decentralized and self-governing Play-To-Earn gaming platform that can offer lucrative and rewarding opportunities through a unique distribution model to netizens worldwide.

Participants in the Daxio ecosystem will be able to compete in Classic Arcade Games and cutting-edge Play-To-Earn games while developers will be able to deploy their own games to a wide user base.

GDAX Holders are rewarded through the blockchain for holding GDAX irrespective of its actual value as the Blockchain distributes rewards direct to token holder’s wallets one time, the 10th of every month. As the platform grows, the potential of the rewards can grow and are distributed accordingly.

The SilverDAX (SDAX) has full utility in the Entire Daxio Ecosystem and can be utilized on partner platforms opening for bridging and swap features creating powerful synergies. SDAX are rewarded through the blockchain for participating in the Daxio Play-To-Earn platform irrespective of its actual value.

The world of gaming is constantly evolving and participants of the Daxio ecosystem will always be in the know-how about market developments and new games.

Additionally, the platform assists in making crypto currency mainstream through learning and education making Daxio one of the premier blockchain gaming destinations online today.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Daxio.