Your boost balance is 0.00000 SDAX. When you click "Boost" your entire boost balance will be deposited into the Safe.

Deposit SDAX

Deposited SDAX will be locked in the safe for the lock period. You can pay a fee to unlock your SDAX early.

MetaMask Balance: 0 SDAX
Daxio Balance: 0.00000 SDAX

Lock your SDAX for VIP level

Lock period: 365 days
Locks on: Deposit
Early unlock fee: 25%
Number of Participants: 2,866
Max APY 80%
*APY is dynamic

VIP Levels

Level 2  
2% APY
200,000 Locked SDAX
2.71% Fee Percent
400,000 SDAX Withdraw Limit
Level 1  
1% APY
100,000 Locked SDAX
2.855% Fee Percent
200,000 SDAX Withdraw Limit
Level 0  
0% APY
0 Locked SDAX
3% Fee Percent
100,000 SDAX Withdraw Limit